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12:31:14 PM Feb 16th 2016
Not sure it's worth mentioning in the example, but I'd say using Christmas as a Framing Device for It's a Wonderful Life does more than make the final scene warm and fuzzy. The other side of Christmas/New Year's is that people tend to look back and take stock of their lives, and suicide rates are higher than average. Christmas is why George is questioning the value of his existence in the first place.
05:02:31 AM Oct 18th 2014
The title is somewhat misleading, given that the other ‘Did I Mention’/‘Have I Mentioned’ tropes are about excessive mention of something.
08:13:14 AM Oct 22nd 2014
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I personally don't see it. The key for those is the "Today" part. The only one without "Today" in it is Have I Mentioned I am Gay? which is more or less Informed Gayness, much like this is basically Informed Christmas-ness.

But if you think it's an issue you can bring it to the Trope Repair Shop.
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