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04:40:56 PM Dec 20th 2011
edited by giveup
By definition once you pass an event horizon, you cannot return, so we should remove all entries where the character got better
12:47:31 PM Mar 13th 2012
I agree. And there is only a single incident. You can't become broken forever several times. Strong candidate for extensive cleanup.
05:29:13 PM Mar 15th 2012
edited by Enthryn
I think some examples where the character gets better are acceptable, but only if it takes something drastic — that is, if it's clear that they couldn't recover without outside intervention. (If we only allow examples where the character actually never recovers, the scope might be overly narrow.)

The examples definitely need to be cleaned up, though, because it's become way too broad in scope. I see lots of examples of a character just being sad for a short period of time, or periodically expressing melancholy. Some of this stuff wouldn't even qualify as mild depression, much less a total loss of hope.
04:48:40 PM Jul 27th 2012
Thank you! You've pointed out exactly what's been bothering me about this article! The title implies that you go over this and you never come back from it. So a number of examples don't really fit in, and should be removed.
10:15:01 AM Jan 15th 2011
I don't understand why the quote about the anime guy who is always freaking out about something new qualifies for this trope at all.

The comparison quote is aware of 30,000 people dieing, a singular mind-warping event. This guy freaks out regularly over (topical noun here). They are not the same thing.
01:02:47 PM Jan 15th 2011
I agree. I edited out that quote.
06:44:33 AM Aug 3rd 2010
edited by MCE
Not sure if certain scenes from the FEAR series belong here, for example
  • FEAR extraction point - where the pointman is apparently bleeding to death as the city lies in ruins
  • The end of FEAR 2 - all of you team is (probably) dead and you just unwilligy fathered the bloody Antichrist
  • The fact that donwned aircraft become quite common - no one is coming to help you