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->''"It wasn't just the baby that died that day; something inside Sick Boy was lost and never returned."''
-->-- '''Renton''', ''Literature/{{Trainspotting}}''
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The line that, once crossed, destroys any last remaining sense of hope. It could be for a cause, a person, a situation, or simple survival. A character has given up on it, and there is no going back. It can lead soldiers to despair -- or even [[DrivenToSuicide suicide]], if they don't simply [[DeathByDespair lose the will to live]]. It can turn an IdealHero into an AntiHero or [[FaceHeelTurn an outright villain]], or even, in some cases, ''[[HeelFaceTurn vice versa]].'' It is a vital element of {{Tragedy}}.

Coming ''near'' this line is quite common in fiction; frequently, at the end of the [[ThreeActStructure second act]] or the 45 minute mark of a drama or the first hour of a film, the protagonist comes [[DarkestHour dangerously close to the edge]] before a RousingSpeech or DeusExMachina or the like comes along. It makes for a DownerEnding if the protagonist does fall over the edge. Frequently, this is when the WhatYouAreInTheDark test hits him. Alternatively, many stories have a hero "Fighting the Good Fight" and meeting someone who'd [[SillyRabbitIdealismIsForKids been at it longer and lost all hope]].

This is often a goal of some wars. Break the enemy's morale, and you can achieve victory even without military success.

Related to HeroicBSOD and HeroicSafeMode, except the hero usually comes back from those. A WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds is often a character who crossed this line long ago. It can result in the character entering an AngstComa, being DumbStruck or suffering DeathByDespair (and subsequently crossing the MoralEventHorizon or JumpingOffTheSlipperySlope). Often a result of WeUsedToBeFriends. This is often the final stage of the BreakTheCutie process. In a video game, often happens during a BleakLevel, and it may be relevant if the game has a MoraleMechanic.

May be preceded with a HopeSpot, just to really twist the knife. And a DownerEnding might follow in really dark stories.

Often a factor in PaterFamilicide.

Compare SafetyInIndifference, HopeIsScary (the reason nobody ever crosses the horizon back again), HopeCrusher (someone who delights seeing characters crossing this horizon, or even worse, pushing other people to cross the horizon).

Contrast HeroicSpirit.

'''IMPORTANT:''' This is about a character losing all hope, not merely getting depressed, upset, or bored.


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