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07:13:25 AM Apr 17th 2015
Why does the Bishoujo terms in the page link to a unlicensed dating sims site
08:57:23 AM Apr 17th 2015
Not sure what you are referring to.
10:30:18 PM Oct 2nd 2011
As an avid bishoujo game player this trope page really needs to be cleaned up.

I'm going to go through and throw out any game I know is not a Dating Sim. Da Capo for example is a Visual Novel as are probably about 1/2 to 2/3s of the examples on the page. Since they're also listed on this page There is absolutely no need for redundancy when it's wrong.

Visual Novels should go on the Visual Novel page to avoid confusing people about what a Dating Sim is especially when the explanation explicitly shows the difference between Dating Sims and other types of Renai games. I will only throw out examples I KNOW to be wrong. Other ones I'm unsure about will remain.

If anyone familiar with Dating Sims would like to help, that would be peachy.
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