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08:35:42 AM Oct 28th 2010
Deleted natter from the main page:

"When this troper read this line for the first time a few days ago, he immediately thought of the bright blue screen of modern televisons, and that Gibson meant it was a bright sunny day. It wasn't until later in the book that he realized Gibson was writing in 1984 and thinking of old-school televisions."

Belongs either in Troper Tales, or I Thought It Meant (or I Read That As).
05:03:02 AM Oct 9th 2010
This appears not to be an example.

  • In The Running Man, it's always nighttime.
    • Except for the opening scene in prison. And the arrival to the city. And the whole airport scene. In fact, it's nighttime only during the game itself (which, i guess, takes place at night).
      • Which takes place underground.

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