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10:01:24 AM Feb 25th 2014
I've been reading a Let's Play of White Knight Chronicles. Anyone wanna add that into the role-playing game section? There's a whole laundry list of cutscene incompetence.
04:03:45 PM Sep 19th 2013
  • The Resident Evil series as a whole is effectively this trope incarnate, as probably half the boss fights could be avoided if the idiot characters would just shoot the bad guys during their monologues before they inject themselves with whatever they're holding.

Actually, this is Averted in Operation Raccoon City, for they shoot William Birkin the moment he menaces to inject himself with the virus. Actually, he's headshotted before the virus even has time to act, as shown in Resident Evil 2. And he still "respawns" as a deadly creature. Perhaps they know something like this is bound to happen anyway and just want to save bullets for the harder fight.
06:15:18 PM Jun 17th 2010
  • The original Ogre Battle. In one of the bad endings, which you get if your Karma Meter is too far toward evil, your main character takes over the country instead of handing it off the the rightful ruler. The game then says that your main character was soundly and easily defeated within days. This occurs despite you having an army full of high level paladins, liches, and dragons at your command.
    • That's assuming they STAYED at your command, rather than joining the next rebellion.
      • The main character is often so powerful by the end of the game he could kill everyone else at once, making this one a particular wall banger for most players.

In the ending more close to this description, your character was not "soundly and easily defeated within days" but defeated in ONE YEAR with the implication that you was a hard opponent.
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