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11:39:07 AM Aug 5th 2013
The folders are broken... as in, on the main page instead of actual folders, it's [[Folder:Advertising]] X [[/Folder]] etc. for all folders. I have no experience with creating/fixing folders, so it would be nice for somebody to fix them...
11:43:31 AM Aug 5th 2013
That's very strange. The Real Life folder was missing a [[/folder]] tag, and adding that fixed it, but having one instance of incorrect markup shouldn't have broken all of them.
04:34:16 AM Sep 13th 2011
Don't get me wrong, I like real trains just as much as most of the posters, but... Does it seem like there's too many real life examples? Maybe we should thin it down to exceptional cases or give the RL examples a separate page?
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