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07:09:57 AM Sep 5th 2017
edited by promontorium
Under this criteria, is anything NOT a cool starship? For example you basically listed every vessel in several TV series' Old makes it cool, rare makes it cool, new makes it cool, design makes it cool, functionality makes it cool. OK so if we have something that is midrange, still relatively common, mediocre functionality and ugly, some kind of early 2000s space Toyota Corolla. But then put one cool character on board, give it a catchphrase or hang a poster, a gun, or some horns on this thing and we're right back into cool right?

You have Borg Cube's listed? That's like the exact opposite of the entire premise of this "trope".

They even listed Farscape One as a "Cool Ship". Farscape One was basically a scaled down version of a U.S. space shuttle, (perhaps the ugliest things to ever fly). It was supposed to be a vessel that we have the technology to build right now, with the exception of a little bit of technology that allows it to go into wormholes. Its upturned wings don't turn this non-existent trope around.
12:27:35 PM Sep 5th 2017
Almost all the "Cool X" tropes are just "X," really. It's something that bugs me.
03:14:42 AM Jan 19th 2016
edited by XV-02
Should GOCE (occasionally called the "space Ferrari") be added to the Real Life tab? (Wikipedia link: )
11:31:25 PM Apr 14th 2014
Should Kerbal Space Program have a place on the list? The creative freedom given when building spaceships in the game has led to some very cool creations.

03:00:11 PM Jan 19th 2011
This is why some pages should have associated image pages. I want to look at the Cool Starships, but can't without a lot of pain-in-the-ass image searches.
03:48:40 PM Jan 19th 2011
If you're looking for images of starships, this is not the site for you. The page is the "cool starship trope", and not "cool starships". The images would detract from the article. Facebook has several spacship communities. There are many spaceship websites.
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