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12:49:13 AM Oct 11th 2010
There seem to be two versions. One is when they really want to blend in. The other is when they don't care about being _seen_, just not wanting to be _identified_.
01:59:52 PM Jan 7th 2012
edited by InvisibleJester
That'd make sense, and I agree. I think there should be a Type A use and a Type B use. Yet another use could blend Conspicuous Trenchcoat with Awesome Anachronistic Apparel, in that since the trenchcoat and fedora look is outdated but still looks really cool trick is generally used by more eccentric characters trying to go only partially incognito or else because they are a bit old-fashioned. Rorschach and The Joker seem to be examples. Would that end up being a subset or subtype of THIS trope, or of another trenchcoat related trope?
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