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08:38:26 PM Apr 1st 2014
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I can't help noticing that on some of the 'lack of air' ones, there isn't necessarily a way to quickly get rid of or seal up/off the body. Apparently oxygen consumption due to decomposition isn't factored in all that frequently.
08:01:08 AM Sep 6th 2010
I remember hearing that in one of the Dark Sun modules, you are slaves who have successfully revolted. However, you are also in the middle of the desert and don't have enough resources to get to civilization. Can someone confirm, because I think this makes a good non-sci fi example.
03:23:35 PM Oct 10th 2010
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I think another good example is in Willa Cather's book, My Antonia, wherein Peter and Pavel were driving a coach with a newly married couple in it , and they were being chased by wolves. In order to lighten the coach so they could get away, they threw the couple to the wolves. I don't know if it counts since it's not sci-fi, though.
01:10:51 AM Oct 20th 2010
edited by Odon
The Cold Equation trope includes non-scifi examples.
03:09:03 PM Feb 11th 2015
Is this specifically about situations similar to the one in the trope namer, where it's about having enough resources for n-x people to survive? Or is it (as the laconic version suggests, but the full description doesn't say anything about) anything where someone's going to be sacrificed (without volunteering, so it doesn't fall under Someone Has to Die instead) because everyone's going to die if they aren't?

And if the former, is there a more general trope the latter would fit under?

I'm specifically thinking of A Song of Ice and Fire here, and Stannis' attempt to burn Edric Storm.
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