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01:55:26 PM Apr 17th 2014
Hello everybuddy! finally joined tv tropes.

was trying to find a place to post but couldnt find anywhere until i got here

so hows it goin?
01:57:57 PM Apr 17th 2014

i will be here for only 15 minutes by the way, almost 1 am and i got school tommorrow

i will be availabe from 4 pm to 9 pm tommorrow
02:02:38 PM Apr 17th 2014
well gotta go to sleep now

seeya later
02:07:00 PM Apr 17th 2014
i think ill say for a bit more actually
02:08:42 PM Apr 17th 2014
where is everyone? i hope there is more activity tommorrow
02:24:48 PM Apr 17th 2014
Uh, please don't multipost.

I've replied to you in the other discussion page.
06:19:17 AM Apr 18th 2014
im back again, hello guys

oh sorry i wont multipost anymore

ive seen it
06:24:15 AM Apr 18th 2014
Hey, so this isn't really the place for random chitchat. You may want to hit up the Forums.

Discussion pages are here to discuss tropes and how they apply to given works. But there are plenty of places on the forums you can chat and meet people. Plus a lot more activity.
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