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03:56:12 AM May 16th 2015
About video games: pretty much every video game that allows player to change gear on the field does so instantly. In the turn-based games, changing gear may cost some action points, but I think it's easier to list them, and simply say that "everything else is this trope".
03:45:04 PM Feb 14th 2014
Probably should be in YKTTW, but does the whole "spinning around to change clothes" seen in Cartoons and Videogames deserve a subcategory of this?
01:12:00 AM Feb 15th 2014
As you noted, that is a question for YKTTW. I personally do not have an opinion of this.
11:42:58 PM Feb 12th 2011
I know we're not that other wiki.. but source for this please?

In Magic The Gathering, there is an official ruling that taking off your pants is faster than a mana source.
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