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05:39:39 PM Jan 13th 2013
edited by Thecommander236
Yep, I went to a Catholic school. Never really saw it, but that could just be me. There was at least one girl I know who started to show her body off after 8th grade though.
08:12:53 PM Sep 29th 2012
Could there be something about this being either an offensive or discredited trope? Speaking as a female who attended Catholic schools from pre-k to 12th grade and had parents who also attended Catholic schools from pre-k to 12th grade, I get irritated (to say the very least) whenever this trope is invoked, as if the only cause and reason for Catholic school girls' existence is to provide fetish fuel. Also, real Catholic schools have an edict in their code of conduct (which is distributed to students as a Student Handbook that all students are required to read through and understand) stating that their skirts need to be a modest length, their shirts must not be messed with/altered, and even when you're allowed to wear non-uniform clothing, there's an extremely strict dress code that mandates modest dress.