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06:29:41 PM Jan 5th 2014
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"Biohacking is the practice of engaging biology with the hacker ethic. Biohacking encompasses a wide spectrum of practices and movements ranging from Grinders who design and install DIY body-enhancements such as magnetic implants to DIY biologists who conduct at-home gene sequencing."

whilst the idea of a "hacker ethic" ( is interesting b/c it can extend the idea of hacker beyond computer stuff to be sorta like a parralel to how

explored themes such as the impact of modern technology on everyday life, the rise of the global datasphere as an arena for communication, commerce, conflict, and crime, and invasive cybernetic body modifications. The heroes of these stories were marginalized, seedy, and rebellious, in other words "punks".

The idea of someone doing radical biological experimentation in private is worthy of another tropes page being made.One which I think would be filled up quickly.

07:34:35 PM Jan 5th 2014
Why don't you develop one in YKTTW then?
09:17:54 PM Sep 11th 2011
Would [PROTOTYPE] be an example of Bio Punk?
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