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09:40:49 AM Jun 11th 2018
I don't think that Ultimate Spider-Man is an actual example. First, it is just implied, and in a throwaway joke. Second, even what is implied is that he tried not that he actually did it. And the age issue is neither mentioned nor implied, it's just a fridge horror thing, not an actual description of the actual content of the book.
09:43:43 PM Nov 19th 2013
In the "Revenge Of The Nerds" example should it really link to "Good People Have Good Sex"? After all, Lewis raped the woman. How good is he?
04:09:53 AM Nov 27th 2012
"Mystique also took pictures and mailed them to Wolverine's current girlfriend, because again, Raven is a jerk. "

This is confusing. Who is Raven?
12:02:53 AM Dec 23rd 2015
Raven Darkholme is Mystique's real name.
03:50:24 PM Oct 2nd 2012
edited by Solipsi
By the looks of it, this trope only describes itself as being about characters impersonating as someone else in the cast. I do believe it should be more comprehensive, it should encompass the entire spectrum of deception - "Alice pretends to be X" instead of "Alice pretends to be Bob"

Examples would be, "Alice pretends to be a doctor to fraudulently coquette Bob into a one night stand". If I posted this in the wrong section, note away.
03:52:24 PM Nov 27th 2012
No, it really does have the narrower meaning. Well-known in literary criticism in that sense, anyhow.
11:07:06 PM May 29th 2012
I recall this existing in egyption mythology and a person using this trope to become a ruler.
10:26:00 AM Aug 11th 2010
Does this trope just cover sex? Or does it also cover the use of impersonation for kissing, voyeurism, heavy petting, etc?
11:15:11 PM Oct 15th 2011
Though it seems to be primarily about sexual intercourse, I think sexual activities of various natures could apply.
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