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02:35:15 AM Jan 1st 2014
11:24:20 PM Jun 30th 2011
How about swapping the Kung Fu Panda pic for one of Flynn appearing in the End Of Line Club?

He doesn't even do anything - he just kneels in the center of the room and the ongoing curbstomp reverses!

My proposal for a tagline: God Mode: Activated

08:37:27 AM Nov 9th 2011
Nah. Kung Fu Panda is the trope namer, makes the most sense for that series to have the image. Besides, to someone not having seen the Tron remake (such as myself), the proposed pic is going to look very underwhelming and confusing. 'Pure awesomeness? It's just a guy kneeling down.' It's like an in-joke, too obscure imo.
02:09:11 PM Nov 4th 2010
I'm not getting this. A blank page?
02:20:05 PM Nov 4th 2010
The blank page was the result of a glitch. Fixed now.
03:58:49 AM Jun 28th 2010
I don't get it. What's the actual definition? What causes what by just existing? The examples seem to be all over the place.
01:34:33 PM Aug 4th 2010
What's the purpose of this trope ?
06:30:28 PM Aug 4th 2010
I think this is supposed to be the physical, in-work manifestation of Rule of Cool. Let me hack the description a little bit and see if it makes more sense.
06:08:38 AM May 24th 2011
I'm confused here. It seems like this trope needs a lot of work, if not outright deletion.
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