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07:58:13 AM Feb 22nd 2012
edited by AgProv
There's got to be something in it... just go down Wilmslow Road, Rusholme, Manchester on a Friday night, or indeed any night (Fridays seem the most likely night, though... seventeen and eighteen year old Asian lads who've got the family car, or who might have had cars bought for them by affluent parents, who can barely drive the wretched things. (And it shows)Cruising along trying to pick up the Asian girls who are in huddles on the pavement trying not to obviously notice.

Same with their mothers in cars - no road sense. And their fathers, steaming along like Krishna himself at the helm of Juggernaut. You have to ask yourself what form a road test takes in Karachi or Islamabad or Delhi, and where the police and traffic wardens are in Manchester - sic them on Asian areas and the city would have a list of traffic and driving violations a mile long. Just look at the revenue from penalising British/Asian driving standards... our city could be saved!

Then again, some white people can be as bad. Who was it who came up with the gag "Designed by computer. Built by robots. Driven by Italians"...

11:47:36 AM Dec 4th 2011
What is with the remark about bad asian drivers in Portland OR? They seem no worse to me than the norwegians, mexicans, Russians or any other group here.
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