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05:33:40 PM May 8th 2012
RE: The Aladdin entry—"It's not entirely clear why he doesn't just Hypnotize the Princess."

Though it's not explicitly stated in the movie, this might tie into Genie's rule that "he can't MAKE someone fall in love with someone else." If Magic A Is Magic A applies, Jafar can't hypnotize Jasmine into marrying her. Blackmail her by threatening Aladdin, yes. Using magic, no.
07:07:38 PM Feb 28th 2011
Is there any way we can work a reference to Neko-sensei in here? I mean, he's not a villain and he's not really serious (or if he is, he at least knows he can't do anything about it) and it's more of a Running Gag than anything else, but he practically uses the trope name word for word whenever the girls mess up and they react to it as a Fate Worse Than Death.