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08:34:20 AM Oct 8th 2013
Who redescribed scrapper from the "Mighty Glacier dps" into the "Attack spammer"? I'm still trying to fix the parts where it's not been changed but, why change it?
07:25:09 PM Jan 8th 2013
From the Final Fantasy Tactics entry:

> Samurai: Evasion Tank, due to a Good Bad Bug with the "Barehanded Blade Block" skill that lets him stop up to 97% of incoming physical attacks. (Supposed to be an Armor Tank.)

Blade Grasp/Shirahadori isn't a bug. Questionable balance, but it works exactly as designed, and even with default Brave levels (generics planned for melee use, especially using katana or knightswords, would have 65-74 when hired) would be damn good for evasion. So I'm just snipping that last part.
01:42:33 AM Nov 9th 2012
11:31:37 PM Oct 11th 2012
Common Character Classes requests to merge here.
10:43:44 PM Jul 4th 2011
edited by efsfsefsdf
Um, I think that TV tropes was first in coming up with the trope name before KOL, and the KOL creators took the trope and applied it to their game. It is evident that they are fans of TV tropes as the enemy "Tome of Tropes" (more information is clearly a reference to TV tropes.
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