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08:37:01 AM Jan 31st 2012
This thing has a really dumb name. Who is ever going to see something and think "Ah, that guy is an accidential pornomancer! :D"? This should just be folded into Really Gets Around.
08:58:49 AM Jan 31st 2012
It's a subtrope of that. And really, it happens in fiction all the time. Hentai most notably.
03:36:07 PM Oct 30th 2016
I agree with Troika. In addition, a lot of this includes characters who were sexually assaulted. That's just fucked up.
07:13:10 AM Oct 31st 2016
Sexual assault is, unfortunately, part of the trope. The entire point is that it's used so much in fiction that people don't think about how messed up it is.
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