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01:27:12 AM Jan 31st 2014
i once diligently played a version of Tetris, wondering what would happen if I ever got to play it so well I cleared all the shapes off the board and cleared the bottom line. I assumed if you did that you'd beaten the game. When I finally managed it... the reward was more bloody blocks coming down as if nothing had happened. I gave up on computer games after that. I just don't have the mind for them.
11:59:40 PM Dec 11th 2010
I don't know what you'd file it under, but the awful (but not quite so awful as to meet the horribleness standard for So Bad Its Horrible. It's boring but no Superman64, and most of the rage is due purely to its being a side-scroller in this decade.) PS 2 version of Spider-Man Web of Shadows has as its ending no more than a screen that simply says "Congratulations. You saved the city."