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06:24:37 AM Dec 1st 2012
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08:10:20 PM Aug 21st 2012
See that trope that says no sign of stopping? - I'll unfortunately leave this here.
04:08:16 PM Mar 18th 2011
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In Volume 264 (February 2011) NP published a letter from a guy named David who showed them a new potential commercial song; we could put the old theme song above the new song on the main page: It goes like this:

"Get the power!
Nintendo Power.
Nintendo news,
and game reviews,
Nintendo Power!
Higher and higher,
Nintendo games,
we never get tired!"
03:31:04 AM Oct 19th 2010
Eight Point Eight: In the early days, the magazine was more blatantly a sales pamphlet, often giving good "reviews" to games that were being trashed in other video game magazines. They gradually got away from this in later years, although no "official" magazine for a company can ever escape it completely.

I heard the opposite from interneters, actually - that with the harsh console war of the N64 era, reviews were perhaps 'boosted' to help...
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