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08:09:33 PM Sep 16th 2011
Is there a name for a trope where the author repeatedly tells us that a certain character knows something but annoyingly refuses to state what exactly they know about? For example, the stuff that keeps happening around Sam Yeager during the Colonization trillogy.
11:45:33 AM Jan 10th 2011
Instead of a reference "The Professor", under "Fridge Horror" there should be a reference to "The Doctor", because that's what Kissinger is called in the book.
03:01:02 PM Jan 10th 2011
You're correct about the error, but I have removed the entire example because Fridge Horror examples are not supposed to be listed on a works main page (The entire Fridge line of tropes are a no-no)
07:10:26 AM Apr 18th 2011
But when you remove those you're supposed to transfer them into the Fridge sub-page, which is designed specifically for Fridge Horror and Fridge Brilliance. And now that I've put the deleted example there, I'll get to changing "The Professor" into "The Doctor."
08:18:15 PM Oct 20th 2010
edited by JBK405
For some reason, on my watchlist this article appears as World War instead of Worldwar (Note the space and the capital "W"). I assume that is because the article was originally created under that title and, because of the address formatting used by TV Tropes, the single-word redirects to here. Since the title of the series really is Worldwar, without the space or capital "W," the article should reflect that, but I do not know how to make such a change. Normally if there was a spelling error in an articles title I would make a new article with the proper spelling and transfer over all the information, but since the site does not differentiate between the two spellings in an address bar that option is not available.

How do we go about correcting the title of the page?
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