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10:26:07 PM Aug 26th 2012
she doesn't even need to Return to be made effectively immortal, she just needs a lot of breaths. Which Susebron should be able to get for her fairly trivially.
10:08:27 AM Aug 27th 2012
...duh. Can't believe that didn't occur to me- while it wouldn't make Siri a goddess as the Hallandren religion defines the term, reaching one of the upper Heightenings would certainly take care of the Mayfly-December Romance issues. Of course, with one of its princesses already having decided to be an adventuring Awakener, another holding thousands of Breaths would probably be enough to send the entire nation of Idris into a collective fit.
08:13:21 PM Aug 27th 2012
could Susebron give her half of his? I think the back of the books states that 25,000 is required for imortality unless I am wrong, but doesnt it also say that you cant just give partial breaths away, you have to give all of it?
07:29:33 PM Aug 25th 2012
One thing that I want to know is after the end, do the make Siri a goddess so she can be with her husband forever? I would hate it if she died of old age and Susubron had to live without her after that. they had such a cute relationship that I dont want it to end like that! Please Brandon, continue this universe for us!

also: poor blusweaver, I wish there was a way to bring her (and also Lightsong back!)
02:27:29 PM Aug 26th 2012
I don't think it's possible to simply make Siri a goddess- she'd have to die and Return, and not even the Hallandren priests fully understand the mechanics of that (and, based on how Returning works, she'd lose her memories anyway). Bringing Sanderson's wider multiverse into things, I suppose it's possible she could become a Shard, but that would be close to Ascending to a Higher Plane rather than becoming a Physical God.

Word of God does indicate that Sanderson intends to return to Warbreaker, but not for a while, and that a sequel would focus heavily on Vasher and Vivenna, rather than Siri and Susebron.