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02:07:19 PM May 23rd 2012
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  • Arguable. Even in the original story the Deep Ones are immortal, possess powerful magic and are capable of ingenious, long-reaching plans to regain their influence in the surface world. The ending especially hints that what is seen in Innsmouth is nothing more but the tiny surface of a massive iceberg.
  • They are considered "degenerate" and "subhuman" by human moral standards, but it is stated in the original story that they could wipe out the human race, if they cared to.
  • The point remains that they don't care to. The race is defined in this story by apathy. They just lie face down on the ocean bottom until somebody drops them a line (pun intended) and then contact with the Deep Ones causes the human society involved to decay and collapse. (Innsmouth being the second human society noted for this in this story.) Perhaps the Deep Ones do have vast powers down below, but just give up on humanity because the human cultures they come into contact with actually are so degenerate that it's not worth the minor effort required to wipe humanity out. (That and the loss of the booty calls of course.)
  • That's true of the majority of Lovecraft's creations, though - humans are so insignificant to them that they just don't care.
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