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02:18:32 PM Feb 2nd 2013
edited by nemui10pm
Any reason why VisualNovel.The Dandelion Girl is a redirect to here?
01:37:31 AM Feb 3rd 2013
Because there is a Visual Novel adaptation but nobody has made a separate page for it.
07:00:35 PM Feb 3rd 2013
Someone redirected the Main namespace page to the Visual Novel namespace, which I thought was kinda silly because very few people are even aware of the VN (I for one certainly wasn't until someone added the link, and I was the one who started this entry in the first place), whereas the short story is overwhelmingly likely to be what people who search or link to "The Dandelion Girl" are looking for. So I re-redirected both to the Literature namespace.

If anyone thinks the VN should have its own page, by all means add some content and remove the redirect. But I definitely think the Main page should still redirect here.
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