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11:28:55 AM Aug 3rd 2012
Artistic license: I don't know if I'm reading this wrong but I thought it worth pointin out that over here (Britain) fudge doesn't usually contain chocolate. Unless it's Chocolate Fudge.
02:41:07 PM Aug 3rd 2012
Huh. Maybe it's a Separated by a Common Language thing, as in the US chocolate fudge is the default, with other types of fudge being unusual/noteworthy.
08:45:48 AM Aug 4th 2012
Ah, then it probably is. Fudge here is a vanilla* and clotted cream/ condensed milk sweet unless otherwise stated (so presumably that's what he gave the dog).

  • which, just to confuse things further, means it contains vanilla, not (as I understand the American usage to indicate) that it is unflavoured.
09:01:43 AM Aug 4th 2012
I'd probably go ahead and delete the entry, with an edit reason explaining why, or to see the discussion page. You could also leave a comment in the source to that effect if you think someone might add it back down the road.
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