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07:47:32 AM May 26th 2015
The main page says: "Earth faces a state of starvation due to Chinese overpopulation, while Heinlein nevertheless advocates An Aesop policy of "share and share alike," by other countries— a strawman which even the most extreme liberals would consider absurd." I don't see it in the work. There is a quite clear message in the later part of the book that Earth is going to have a devastating war because of their failed policies in dealing with their overpopulation, and that Ganymede should be self-sufficient so that they a) don't have to get involved in Earth's war and b) so they can cut off immigration so that Earth can't export it's overpopulation problem to Ganymede. Anyone see what the original poster was talking about?
08:09:30 AM Jul 6th 2015
Worst, following the description of the work, Heinlein is the author of the book, not a character created with a function in mind.
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