Tropers / Bense

An guy in his '40s living in the "pretty, great state" of Utah. To answer the immediate questions asked anyone who admits to living in Utah:
  • Yes I am a Mormon.
  • No I don't have more than one wife. One is quite enough.
  • I don't have 9 kids either. Just 2 actually.

My primary hobby since about age 10 has been tabletop role-playing games, and I have participated in my current weekly game group (most often as the Game Master) for around 20 years. Favorites include Traveller, Dungeons & Dragons, and Legend of the Five Rings, though I am familiar with many others.

You might find my contributions on these and other RPG pages throughout the wiki, like Star Frontiers, Twilight: 2000, or 2300 AD, all three of which I was mostly responsible for. They do say "write what you know".

My favorite board games are Twilight Imperium and Axis And Allies. I used to play the Legend of the Five Rings CCG as well, though it has been a dozen years since I actively collected it.

I am also a big fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, and the old Doctor Who, along with various other fantasy and sci-fi oriented works. Anime is probably my biggest "genre blind spot". The Lord of the Rings is my favorite book.

I also hold an English degree and am fluent in Dutch.

Occasionally I am stubborn enough to make political posts on the forums, but I do try to play nice.

That should be enough to get started.