Tropers / Bense

A guy in his '40s living in the "pretty, great state" of Utah. To answer the immediate questions asked anyone who admits to living in Utah:
  • Yes I am a Mormon.
  • No I don't have more than one wife. One is quite enough.
  • I don't have 9 kids either. Just 2 actually.

My primary hobby since about age 10 has been tabletop role-playing games, and I have participated in my current weekly game group (most often as the Game Master) for around 20 years. Favorites include Traveller, Dungeons & Dragons, and Legend of the Five Rings, though I am familiar with many others.

You might find my contributions on these and other RPG pages throughout the wiki, and I've created five or six pages for RPGs that didn't have one yet. They do say "write what you know".

My favorite board games are Twilight Imperium and Axis And Allies. I used to play the Legend of the Five Rings CCG as well, though it has been a dozen years since I actively collected it.

I am also a big fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, and the old Doctor Who, along with various other fantasy and sci-fi oriented works. Anime is probably my biggest "genre blind spot". The Lord of the Rings is my favorite book.

I also hold an English degree and am fluent in Dutch.

I occasionally made some political posts on the forums, but eventually decided that my perspective was not really wanted, so I've stuck to less serious topics since.

That should be enough to get started.