Literature Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep Discussion

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01:24:07 PM Nov 15th 2015
edited by WarriorsGate
Changed the entries that objectively stated androids can't feel empathy.

"'He's really upset,' Irmgard said nervously. 'Don't look like that, J.R. And why don't you say anything?' To Pris and to her husband she said, 'It makes me terribly upset, him just standing there by the sink and not speaking.'"

Despite what Deckard and his society says, that is a textbook example of empathy, delivered by an android.

The book was written in 1966, during a string of books Dick wrote about Nazi ideology, such as The Man in the High Castle, The Simulacra, and Martian Time-Slip. Taken in the light of his past work, DADOES is clearly about the ingrained dehumanization of Jewish-Marxists in Nazi culture.
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