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01:41:17 PM Mar 29th 2011
I'm adding a note to put book-specific info under the appropriate book page, and keep universal info on this one. I've seen that kind of thing on a few other pages and it seems appropriate. Feel free to add better formatting/phrasing or discuss.
02:23:29 PM Mar 29th 2011
Looking at all the broad tropes listed under Pandora's Star, it seems like this should be discussed...what should the scope of each page be? Should a lot of those tropes be moved here, and restrict the individual books' pages to specific tropes? Remember, it's bad to duplicate trope examples since they end up diverging, making them both redundant and sometimes conflicting.

It's complicated by the fact that the overall Saga is actually subdivided into a single book, a pair of books, and the Void Trilogy (which at least has its own name). Pandora's Star/Judas Unchained on the other hand is hard to refer to as a pair but share many tropes. Wikipedia and the author's web site do not include the Void Trilogy as part of the Commonwealth Saga, and seems to also exclude Misspent Youth, so I plan on at least changing the way that's described here and creating a separate Void Trilogy page*. Then I'll move all the tropes from Pandora's Star here if they're shared with Judas Unchained.

Misspent Youth only has a trope or two, so I'll leave it on this page until someone gives it more love.

  • I also haven't read the Void Trilogy yet so if someone else wants to split off that page, feel free.
10:25:45 PM Mar 30th 2011
I split off the Void Trilogy page and moved/copied a few tropes. I was conservative - as I mentioned I haven't read it yet, so there were many parts I wasn't sure about and didn't copy. Please add/copy more, and flesh out the top description, if you are able.

I'll move tropes from the Pandora's Star page to the Commonwealth Saga (and Void Trilogy) pages as appropriate over the next few days.
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