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06:54:42 PM Sep 14th 2013
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I rewrote the description of the series to be a bit more neutral and descriptive in tone. Here is the old description, just in case:

  • What can be said about the Black Company series? That the first book in the series manages to subvert Black and Grey Morality, and end up going somewhere far more interesting than it, Grey and Grey Morality, or any of the other standard options? That the best way to explain the first book is "It's as if a typical fantasy epic is propaganda from the winning 'good' side, and this is the reality"?

    The first book opens with the titular mercenary company being recruited, following a disastrous battle, into the service of a powerful, enigmatic female Evil Overlord known only as "the Lady", and are quickly put into service fighting rebel forces across her empire. In the process, they get caught up in intrigues with the Lady's Quirky Miniboss Squad, the Ten Who Were Taken (most prominently their immediate superior Soulcatcher and his/her vile rival the Limper), find that the rebel generals are hardly better than the tyrants they're fighting, and pick up a Cute Mute Tagalong Kid named Darling, who's a lot more important than she appears. Gradually, it becomes apparent that the Lady herself was once consort and The Dragon to a far worse Evil Overlord called the Dominator, currently a Sealed Evil in a Can - but he wants out, and is moving pawns across the empire to make sure that happens...

    The verisimilitude is incredibly high - Glen Cook served as a soldier, and the books form a very honest look at a band of mercenaries who find themselves in service to an apparent Big Bad. However, while "the Lady" may have the evil magic behind her, the rebels are, if anything, far more ruthless in their tactics, and some of them are incredibly nasty pieces of work.

    Unfortunately, the best and most interesting trope-breaking events are such huge spoilers that it would be unfair to even hint at them here.
05:27:55 PM Sep 14th 2013
Well, as I noted in an old topic (that never got any replies), the page title is incorrect. This means that we need to move every page here to Literature/TheBlackCompany and its associated subspaces, as well as fix all the wicks in both the Main/ and Literature/ namespaces. Anyone feel like helping out?
11:31:46 PM Aug 13th 2013
Could someone who has actually read the series write a new description that actually tells the reader what it's about? I would never know if I had just read this page.
09:03:48 AM Aug 14th 2013
Added a very basic write up of the general premise, mostly focusing on the first book. Anyone who wants to add more detail, feel free to do so.
09:39:55 AM Apr 20th 2013
Guys, I think we messed up. I'm pretty sure this is supposed to be The Black Company, not just Black Company. Should we move?
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