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08:13:48 PM Mar 20th 2011
Recent Changes: Wondering why the line about the Japanese occupation got changed from "starving, dead, or has the women raped." Plus new line has typo.

Also, I do think Homma got a Historical Villain Upgrade here. Whoever changed it, can you offer more of an explanation? The book definitely portrayed him as responsible for the massacres, while in real life there's a huge controversy over Homma being unfairly blamed for Bataan.
08:45:10 PM Mar 20th 2011
The sentence was kinda awkward, I put that there in the first place, actually.

The text felt like it was trying to shift it more to the officers, but I know Homma simply says "there was a lot of resistance". He was drugged at the time of the confession, too.
02:32:13 PM Nov 14th 2013
Homma was ordered to have the atrocities committed as part of Grand Admiral Yamamoto's diversion plan. Whether he did so in Real Life isn't that relevant.
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