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04:04:52 PM Dec 23rd 2013
Why does Corelle (stated) and all the other Whistlers (implied) have order of the sword tattoos? Those are for women bred from military stud cribs, and the Whistlers have both a father and a grandfather. Yet Corelle has a third generation tattoo. What's up with that?
05:56:03 PM Dec 23rd 2013
I'm not sure, but it might just be to show that they have recent military ancestry and could be soldiers like their grandmothers. Lineage seems to be important to them.
06:26:26 PM Dec 24th 2013
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Sure, but the tatoos are stated to demonstrate what generation military you are, by the number of crib father initials. Does it just...stop counting when a military family earns a husband? And you stay "third generation" forever, with the "crib father initials" actually denoting great-great grandfathers? And can you then start the clock again by reentering the military? So a sixth generation tatoo doesn't have to mean consecutive generations, but just generations ever? Could work, but seems awfully vague and confusing for something so—-utilitarian. I initially figured it was so military families who produced a son could avoid incest when they swapped brothers with someone, but I may be overthinking it, I guess.
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