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08:21:09 AM Nov 6th 2011
The games he has played could be sorted into two categories: main Let's Plays and side Let's Plays. Could it be done or should it be left as is?
10:44:43 PM Oct 5th 2012
Well it could be, but I don't see why there'd be too much of a need to. Plus I think he recently said he might eschew Side L Ps in the future, so there may not be much distinction anymore.
03:46:01 AM Jan 11th 2011
Couldn't we please make "My mom was a pig and my dad was a flute" as a page quote here? Pretty, please?

Illusion of Gaia #29 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPy4NmnN7fI&feature=channel
01:13:19 AM Jan 22nd 2011
I think that would be more of a Crowning Moment of Funny, since it doesn't broadly apply to all his Let's Plays. Definitely add it to that section, though — but it'd be helpful if you could timestamp the youtube link so that it start right before that line.
07:14:49 PM Dec 17th 2010
This page could be about 70 times better. Cummon, people! Don't tell me I have to -gasp- edit myself!!!
07:16:48 PM Dec 17th 2010
oh wait, sorry, this page is actually pretty good but just needs a body write-up. can't ... figure out ... how to delete my original post, sorry.
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