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08:47:40 PM Nov 21st 2010
Is it possible to make a laconic that doesn't refer to some other movie? I've surfed through a few movie/TV/literature laconics and none of them have to make an allusion to some other work.
04:39:15 AM Aug 27th 2010
How about this version pf laconic: "Pocahontas remake sponsored by Greenpeace."
06:21:17 AM Aug 31st 2010
Like above: Rule of Cautious Editing Judgement. Make a laconic that doesn't aggravate anyone but is still accurate.
06:24:10 AM Apr 13th 2010
"Giant Space Chinchilla: seems to violate the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment"

Then fix it, dear Henry. I think it's fine, myself, but if you're offended, perhaps you could write a less controversial laconic. Just don't cutlist it.
06:46:01 AM Apr 13th 2010
Or y'know, wo/man up and learn to take a joke.
08:34:18 AM Apr 13th 2010
Either of you tried looking at the main page? Yeah, well, sucks to be James Cameron but I'd rather the trope or concept get the page.
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