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02:11:54 AM Apr 21st 2014
Can I please add Catherine Halsey again? I promise to not get too personal, just argue that she never gets put in jail for kidnapping children, and isn't that all you need for a Karma Houdini?
06:50:26 AM Jan 25th 2013
Pulled this:

  • Disgaea 3 has Super Hero Aurum in the Super Hero Mao ending. His punishment for all the bad stuff he did (some of it borderline Moral Event Horizon)? Serving Mao as Geoffrey. If the Raspberyl story is canon, then this ending is ALSO canon. BOO! This is massive contrast to his fate in the normal ending.
    • Gonna have to call a subversion on this one, largely on the grounds that Raspberyl was present during that ending, and considering her surprised reaction at seeing Geoffrey back in Mao's service during her story, and Mao himself stating that he effectively brainwashed Aurum back into it kinda kills the whole theory. Second off, during said ending, nearly everyone lambasts him over the fact that his entire 200 year Gambit Roulette failed, and that he made a better butler that he ever did a hero or villain, and for Aurum, who was looking to either be acknowledged as the greatest hero or to die a hero's death, being essentially goaded into this kind of servitude could possibly be as bad as, if not worse, than his fate in the normal ending.

First, the claims here are contradictory. It's either a straight example or a subversion. It can't be a partial subversion or partially straight. Second, there's serious spoiler tag abuse here.
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