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12:24:37 PM Dec 18th 2011
edited by nabber
03:59:39 PM Jan 25th 2011
edited by Mnemonicjohnny
Given the 1/24 update, I think it might be smart to start up Ax-Crazy.
07:01:13 PM Jan 18th 2011
Old Man Ho Oh, Sorry if my edit reason for restoring the Bechdel Test trope was overly snippy — someone just added that hottip to the page to clarify that it was OK to list the trope on works' pages. So it wasn't there when you made your last edit. However, I do think that the Example Sectionectomy page is pretty clearly referring to deleting examples from a trope's page, not from a work's page; after all, only trope pages have example sections. What we have on the work's page are the tropes occurring in the work, not examples of the work, which wouldn't make sense.
10:05:26 PM Jan 18th 2011
I'm not sure if that logic holds up. Works pages often use the heading 'This work provides examples of:', and they tend to be referred to as example sections throughout the wiki
09:24:25 PM Jan 19th 2011
Eh, fair enough. Still, Example Sectionectomy is about deleting bloated example sections; if the Bechdel Test example section is bloated, it wouldn't help to delete examples of the Bechdel Test on other pages.