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06:59:17 PM Mar 3rd 2015
Is this one really an example of the trope?

  • Meta example here: "Snarky guy in coffee queue eyes off my Bioshock Infinite T-shirt, suggests I 'probably haven't even played it'. So I told him the ending."
05:32:40 AM Mar 4th 2015
edited by Larkmarn
Aside from the fact it's a Troper Tale, it's completely and utterly not this trope, it lacks sufficient context, wouldn't be under Video Games (that's Real Life), it's poorly written, and I think I dislike the editor who put it in as a person.
07:25:34 AM Mar 4th 2015
edited by NotJim99
Technically, it's a tweet from a game blogger, but you wouldn't know that unless you clicked the link. So in addition to the other problems with it, it's also in violation of Administrivia.Weblinks Are Not Examples.

Edit: I'm just going to go ahead and remove it.
07:53:26 AM Mar 4th 2015
Ah, well I redact my "troper tales" complaint, at least. Still... hilariously Not an Example.
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