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03:04:58 PM Nov 2nd 2017
edited by Draco4000
Anyone else notice that one particular "civilian" girl who showed up in literally every episode, including "The Rising" movie as well? She only ever shows up for one or two scenes for a few seconds, but she's in every episode. She has reddish hair, a beauty spot (?) on each cheek, a long blue jacket, and a bunny backpack. It started to really make me think that she had some sinister part to play in the story since she pretty well showed up at every location of interest throughout the show. Does the manga explain who she is (if anyone notable), or was she just something the anime artists threw in to see how many people would notice? Once I started seeing her in every episode it started to make me really curious. Apparently she has a nickname "Scarf-tan?"
07:50:38 AM Nov 3rd 2017
Not really a headscratcher. She's under Memetic Bystander and Ensemble Darkhorse, though.
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