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02:36:27 AM Apr 18th 2012
Can I add to Headscratchers the question of how Sherlock knew there would be a booby (heh) trap in Irene's safe in the first place?

I've watched the seen several times, but have absolutely no clue how he knew.

12:05:34 PM Apr 19th 2012
I think, Sherlock watched Irene's face closely, and there is that spark of anticipation in her face, while she prepares to duck a bit. Also, Sherlock might just have expected more precautions in place than just the code of the safe.
10:40:51 PM Aug 16th 2013
And Vatican Cameos was a code between him and Watson so he would be prepared and dock?
05:38:28 AM Apr 17th 2012
Concerning the 2 sequences of snipers we are shown in Reichenbach Fall: They don't add up. First, after Moriarty has shot himself, we are shown, how the snipers/assassins get into place. There's one, with a slight similarity with Sherlock, who kocks his gun out of a window with a tree. In a montage, we are apparently shown, how he gets his gun into position, but they shortly show him at a DIFFERENT window without a tree, but a brick wall like a closed yard in front of him. After the guy on the stretcher got transported into the hospital we are shown another sequence of snipers packing their guns. Again we see a sniper in front of a window with a tree, and apparently the same guy in front of a window with a brick wall; then we see John's head aimed at apparently from ANOTHER angle, which must be from across the street, since you can see the wooden benches. How does this add up? With how many snipers working for whom are we dealing here exactly? And the guy seemingly aiming from two different windows: Is it the same person at different times, or are there two snipers who look remarkably similar?