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08:12:23 PM Jan 10th 2012
The ship on the deck trope.

Its remarks constantly that Roxas gets attached to Xion _as much as a Nobody can_, this is not a correct interpretation of the relationship between Roxas and Xion, Roxas CAN feel and have a heart, his is not a Nobody the traditional sense, is in fact Ventus with no "soul or mind". Let me elaborate:

According to KH, the people are divided in Heart, Soul(mind?) and Body, when their Hearts are unlocked, weather via Keyblade or eaten out by Heartless, the Body create/become a Heartless and the Soul a Nobody, (the name itself is a wordplay on the being significant or incomplete but also not "having" a body)

Lets start.In KH: Birth by Sleep, after the events in Bad lands, that resulted in Terras losing his body (witch would probably means that his nobody was what confronted Xenoheart at the top of the mountain) and the partly destruction of Ventus heart; Aqua takes Ventīs body to the Land of Departures, witch she transforms into Castle Oblivion with Eraqus spell and put his body in one of the rooms and seals it to have a showdown with Xenoheart.

Now then, in one of the FMV at the end is show how the leftover part of Ventus heart migrates to SORAīS HEART, it even bring the aforementioned tear of melancholy. Fast-forward ten years, in the Hollow Bastion Sora stabs himself with the Keyblade in order to give Kaeri a heart, as we know this process not only created a Heartless but also shouldīve created a Nobody and more important it RELEASED OF VENīS PARTIAL HEART, that is why Roxas, Soras Nobody doesnt look like him but like Ventus.

It can be theorized that Roxas is a combination of Soraīs Nobody and Ventus heart, so Roxas does feel (this confirmed in the manual of KH 358/2) but doesnt remember anything since probably his mind or soul is still trapped in his body somewhere in Castle Oblivion..
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