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05:39:04 PM Nov 8th 2014
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How powerful is Alucard supposed to be "naturally"? We Integra claims to have spent over a century of occult knowledge making him uber and against vampires not named Alucard decapitation should have worked. If I understand properly Bram Stoker's Dracula is supposed to be "cannon" to Hellsing but I don't see how the Alucard who ate his own calvary and villagers could even convincingly throw a fight to a bunch of regular humans.

However there is a quirk. Given Integra's ability to stand up to Anderson in their first meeting. How ever briefly and how ever much he wasn't really trying it doesn't seem he's supposed to be super strong or super fast. He's just awesome but no more super than say Batman. In fact his only cannon power is regeneration. He's equipped with magic blades and holy books but presumably Maxwell could use those as well if not as well. So maybe it's just world of Bad Ass in play but what gives there?

Additionally since he seems to gain powers like Megaman or Kirby by "Occult Arts" Intega could very easily have meant that she and her family had spent the last century feeding him whatever supernatural beings they found lying around so like Megaman he could potentially be "managable" without the sheer volume of extra lives he's got built up combined with an occult group literally scouring the globe with the idea in ind that "hey this thing can come back from having it's head chopped off! Grab one. Hey this thing can pass through walls! Get one of those too! etc etc"
01:36:11 AM Nov 9th 2014
You ought to post that in the Headscratchers page, not here.
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