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04:06:39 AM Oct 3rd 2011
edited by TrevMUN
I think it would be best to make note of this here, but psycher7 needs to be reined in.

I've removed one of his recent additions to this Headscratchers page:

27th Apr '11 8:33:42 PM psycher7
Added line(s) 27 (click to see context) :
*** That is one of the lamest cop-outs I have ever heard. This "film" is the poster child for Critical Research Failure, but noooo, can't have that, we save that for the important things like when the protagonist wears anachronistic shirts. It is extremely racist, but no Unfortunate Implications entry (whites being an Acceptable Target, after all). It is a failure of the movie that there are a billion things wrong with it, and it deserves to be cut up for all of them as much as, say, Troll 2.

Keep in mind that this guy, who is calling TV Tropes policy "the lamest copout he's ever heard," is the same one responsible for the review calling this film "putrid and offensive," which was his own personal soapbox for everything that he hated about the film.

He wrote that review several months ''before'' making this comment; back in January, in fact, based on the comments history.

psycher7, are you so really arrogant as to believe the site must allow you to espouse your personal hatred of a show in every place possible?
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