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05:22:43 PM Apr 3rd 2012
Dear Amaterasu, the "Is Makoto a Mary Sue?" section seems to be taking on a life of its own. I think it's safe to say that Creator's Pet and Mary Sue have lost meaning in this particular branch, and continued activity is only going to make things worse. Permission to obliterate that particular block?
07:16:51 PM Apr 3rd 2012
edited by ChrisX
When I think about it, I knew I shoulda keep it to myself. I vote yes, but... let's see if others agree.

I should say that this may also expand in removing the Hazama part too. It's getting to that level.
05:21:54 PM Apr 5th 2012
The thought had occurred to me as well. Let's see if the others concur before making any rash moves - but I will give them to Sunday before I act.
05:59:11 PM Apr 5th 2012
Yep agreed. On whole, it has degraded into something better to be taken care of in PM. Not that I'm saying those new guys were mean to bully on me, but if he meant it as a personal attack for debates, he can always PM me, and I'll be ready.
12:53:41 AM Apr 6th 2012
I concur. The conflict of views has been resolved via PM. There is no need to keep it.
10:01:07 PM Apr 7th 2012
edited by CerotechOmega
Okay, I'm done waiting. Demolition underway.

EDIT: The dirty deed has been done.
07:01:26 PM Jan 2nd 2013
The Mary Sues of BlazBlue are Noel and Caelica..
11:56:58 PM Jan 2nd 2013
Um, Alegesco? This discussion is dead... Please come to the forum and see how it goes. Be very interested in sharing opinions.
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