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03:00:06 AM Jul 25th 2013
This entry sounds a bit political to me, given that it uses the word "murder". Does that need fixing?
  • The complaints about Shazam's New 52 outfit centered around the fact that he now wore a hood. Many said that this conflicted with the idea of Billy Batson as a symbol of innocence in the DCU. A few months later Trayvon Martin was murdered by George Zimmerman and, unfortunately, the hoodie ended up becoming a very prescient symbol of innocence.
06:19:35 AM Jul 25th 2013
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I'm thinking that the Zimmerman-Martin case is a bit Too Soon to be bringing up in this sort of context. You just know people will get pissed off; do we really need it? Rule of Cautious Editing Judgement.

Not to mention that the hoodie has been a symbol of "gangsta thug" behavior since long before this case.
06:40:20 PM Nov 28th 2012
Could this not be phrased better, to avoid comparing REAL DEAD PEOPLE directly to comic characters? "Batman's origin story will now qualify as such. In most mediums, his parents were shot by Joe Chill outside of a movie theater (or in the case of The Dark Knight Saga, an opera theater). Let's just say there are roughly 7 times as many Martha and Thomas Waynes dead now after the showing of The Dark Knight Rises, when the premiere at Aurora Colorado had a madman shooting and killing as many as 14 people as they were leaving the premiere."
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