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05:52:25 AM Aug 31st 2014
Is the first example really relevant? It's a game about flying planes released on September 11 (24 years before the fact, but this being Funny Aneurysm Moment, that's a given) but it doesn't involve terrorism or flying them into buildings. It features the vehicle and the date, but nothing to do with the event - why bother adding it?
09:37:05 AM Jan 5th 2013
edited by Gborr
I don't know... A bunch of the "examples" here are actually proper foreshadowing or way too general.

For example, the Da Capo example is a straight main plot-point, and you can't even say that it deserves a mention because of the multi-route implications since EVERY SINGLE nakige (visual novel with a lighthearted start, drama-heavy middle and happy ending) in existence has at least one or two heroines who would either dies or be completely screwed over if the protagonist wouldn't take their routes. Listing an example like that is also illogical, since these alternative routes can be treated as parallel dimensions to a degree, and getting angsty over infinite probabilities is just silly.

Other mistaken examples include:

-The Kanon entry, as the pinky swears are, once again, foreshadowing, thus you are supposed to get a different meaning out of it once you know what they foreshadow.

-Ever 17: The second example is okay, but the one regarding the Archimedes Principle is, again, a deliberately established piece of exposition.

-Umineko no naku koro ni: Again, it's a story that is chock full of tiny little references and foreshadowing tidbits, and this one was, again, exposition and character-building.

Seeing that these are all visual novels, I would think that there was a single person who who added these and didn't understand the difference between Funny Aneurysm Moments and Harsher/Funnier/Whatever in Hindsight via good writing. -.-
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