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01:50:39 PM May 2nd 2012
edited by SolidSamurai
Jumped the Shark?

You gotta admit they did it a little with the story of the game.


- Kerrigan's infestation has given her high heels.

- Hydralisks are no longer the acid-soaked-needle spewing anti-armor/anti-air. Instead, the tank-like roaches have taken this place (they vomit rivers of acid upon their foes, which in no way looks goofy at all, shut up) and now hydras feel a bit useless, somehow; maybe because their needles are no longer acid soaked, meaning they exist solely as anti-air and ranged/anti-infantry (somehow, they became sorta anti-infantry since they do 10 instead of 8 damage; I dunno). Blizz apologized for this by giving them a melee attack, to make them seem cool and likeable.

- Protoss are steadily becoming scary dogmatic aliens. Or... some of them anyway. Even more so, since the article on scary dogmatic aliens, says that almost every writer eventually caves in to this at some point. Note that scary dogmatic aliens doesn't necessarily mean 'nazi aliens/alien nazis', but rather, whatever suits the current political climate. Sometimes, it's even just current event upswings. Right now, it's 'religion makes you behave rashly/paranoid'. Also, the protoss fleet commander in that one mission (whats-her-name), is suddenly quite paranoid too.

- The fact that telepathy exists in this universe creates further fridge logic, what with starcraft 2 coming around, and basically riding on fiction - some of which they are unsure of what is and isn't canon (meaning the continuing plot could fall into complete chaos, when any old writer can confirm what the heck might happen next).

- Raynor is tactical genius, for no reason. And also schizophrenic.

- Blizz decided to keep Mengsk alive, yet they didn't know what the heck to do with him in sc 2.

- At times, it feels like they just skipped the events of Brood War completely.

- Oh yeah, and I wrote something about this too -

- And then someone made a review -
02:13:04 PM May 2nd 2012
I fail to see what any of that has to do with jumping the shark.
05:09:41 PM May 2nd 2012
edited by SolidSamurai
Explain and stuff?

Let me elaborate, first: - Blizz is taking the joking full force, when more of their effort was telling a half-decent story in the previous games. Metzen doesn't give a darn about the story or plot integrity. The writers for the original series are gone (because it's been 11 years).

At different points, he has made comments that have disgraced the creative license blizz holds over starcraft and its universe... and yeah. It may sound like some pretty abrupt accusations, but we need to look the facts in the face.
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