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07:28:35 PM May 21st 2012
I just watched this the other night. much going on, but a few things struck me.

Am I the only one who got strong After the End vibes from the setting? The city looks like it's only half-built, everything's in ruins, and then there's that endless desert-scape...the Montagues and the Capulets are the only ones who seem to come off relatively well, but even that's tenuous.

Also, the whole "due process" thing we take for granted seems to be missing—a police state exists, but it's only there to keep things from going kablooey.

(P.S. The "Post Haste" delivery service is one of the most delicious puns I've ever seen and heard.)
03:57:43 PM Dec 15th 2010
06:16:48 PM Dec 15th 2010
It is, now.
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