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09:19:54 PM Dec 23rd 2010
Agent Frawley. Okay, I get it. He was nasty to the main character. And he drives Krista to tears more than once. But Lawful Evil? And the protagonist has better moral standards than him? So the guy who casually beats people up for threatening and throwing bottles at the woman he wants to date (the same woman he earlier held up at gunpoint), steals as a living, and kills two (admittedly quite vile) people in cold blood... is a better example of morality than the guy who made a girl cry. Wow. Apparently I'm Lawful Evil, because I haven't threatened enough ordinary people with violence to cover up crimes that I also haven't committed.
09:27:00 PM Dec 23rd 2010
Also, if being a jerk to Krista is enough to earn your Evil stripes, uh, hello, main character, were you planning to take her or your illegitimate daughter with you to Florida? No? Whoops!
08:19:13 PM Jan 25th 2011
You guys seem to be ignoring his stated desire to kill a wounded guard so he could slap murder charges on the crew and the movie also cuts out quite a few of his worse character traits that are in the book. Also, it's mentioned in the movie that Shaye is very likely not Doug's illegitimate daughter although it's not portrayed as well as it is in the book.
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